So what is the BSS and why do I need a certificate?

The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is a joint initiative between British Waterways and the Environment Agency.  The Scheme is designed to ensure, through independent verification, that boats meet the navigation authorities’ minimum safety requirements.

The BSS requirements, the examination checkssafety advice and more general information on the BSS and may be viewed and/or downloaded from this website including BSS advice on avoiding fire and carbon monoxide poisoning and well as the safe use of fuels

The BSS examination details for non-private craft can be found on this link.

For privately-owned craft, the complete list of BSS examination check items is split into two categories: requirements and advice.

The requirements focus on reducing the risks of fire starting and spreading, explosion and environmental harm, while advice check list items are there to highlight any potential ineffective flueing of water heaters, inadequate ventilation and the lack of adequate escape routes from accommodation spaces amongst other checks. 

The BSS recommends strongly that all check items relevant to the vessel are complied with to help ensure the health and personal safety of those onboard.